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1. Compared with other similar products, it has the advantages of energy saving, low oil consumption, and environmental friendliness.
2. The W136 wheel loader featuring strong structure strength, low operation costs, and easy and convenient maintenance.
3. Its fully exemplifying human-oriented design makes it more comfortable for operators to use.
4. It also has characteristics of harmonious overall layout, advanced design allocation, excellent performance, and flexible mobility and high efficiency.

W136 Wheel Loader

Main Specification of W136 Wheel Loader

Main standard Configuration of W136 Wheel Loader
1 Bucket Capacity 1.8M³
2 Rated Load 3200kg
3 Travelling Speed
Forward 1st 0-10.8km/h
Forward 2nd 0-32.5km/h
Reverse 1st 0-14.5km/h
4 Max. Traction 97±5kN
5 Max.Break Out Force 100±5kN
6 Min. Turning Radius (outside tires) 5376±50mm
7 Max. Dumping Height 3060±50mm
8 Max. Dumping Reach 1008±50mm
9 Total Hydraulic Cycle Time ≤10.3s
10 Full Bucket Lifting Time ≤5.6s
11 Wheel Base 2750±30mm
12 Tread Width 1800±10mm
13 Dimensions (L×W×H) 6970±100×2245±50×3286±50mm
14 Min. Clearance Over Ground 360±20mm
15 Operating Weight 10000±100kg
Diesel Engine
1 Diesel Engine Model of W136 Wheel Loader YuChai Duetz Cummins 6BT5.9-C130
2 Type Direct injection,  water cooling, 4 strokes,
3 Rated Output 92kW 92kW 97kW
4 Rated Speed 2200rpm
5 Max. Torque 460N.m 500N.m 560N.m
1 Model self made
2 Rated Input Speed 2200rpm
3 Transmission Type two forward and one reverse gears/power shift, planet type
Mechanical Gear Ratios
1 Gear I 2.576
2 Gear II 0.691
3 Reverse 1.8846
4 Hydraulic Oil Pressure 1.10-1.40Mpa
5 Inlet Oil Pressure Of Torque Convertor 0.33-0.5Mpa
6 Outlet Oil Pressure Of Torque Convertor 0.1-0.20Mpa
7 Lubricating Oil Pressure 0.1-0.20Mpa
8 Max. Permissible Temp & Outlet Of Torque Convertor 120℃
Transaxle & Tyre
1 Transaxle Type Fenyi
2 Drive System 4 wheel drive
3 Rear Axle Oscillation Center oscillation
4 Oscillating Angle of Rear Axle                      12°
5 Carrier Assembly Reduction Ratio 4.375
6 Wheel End Reduction Assembly Reduction Ratio 4.75
7 Tire  17.5-25
8 Pressure Of Tire 0.28-0.32MPa
Working Hydraulic System
1 Working Pump Type Gear Pump
2 System Working Pressure 16MPa
3 Lifting Cylinder Bore × Stroke 125×816mm
4 Tilting Cylinder Bore × Stroke 140×553 mm
Steering System
1 Type full hydraulic power steering system
2 Steering Pump Type CBY2050  (reverse)
3 Max. Working Pressure 10MPa
4 Steering Cylinder Bore × Stroke 80×340mm
5 Max. Steering Angle ±36º
Brake System
1 Type Air over hydraulic disc on four wheels brakes
Oil Injection Capacity
1 Fuel Tank 150L
2 Engine Oil 15L
3 Transmission 27L
4 Hydraulic Oil Tank 140L
5 Transaxle 30L
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