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Applications of 6-10 Ton Mechanical Compact Roller:
Our 6-10 ton mechanical compact roller is mainly used to compact asphalt pavements, and it is widely used in highway, municipal work, parking area, sports ground, and many other projects.

Main Features of 6-10 Ton Mechanical Compact Roller:
1. It is designed with compact structure, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic steering and hydraulic shake.
2. Seated on the ground and vibrating horizontally, its oscillatory drum can get the required compacted thickness quickly.
3. This kind of 6-10ton mechanical compact roller can protect and press places that subject to vibration.
4. Its drums are fitted with scrapers and sprinkling devices.
5. Its compacting force can reach as high as 13t.

6. The anticorrosive water spray system of this mechanical compact roller has unique nozzle design and can cover the edge of drums.
Double Drum Vibrating Roller

6-10 Ton Mechanical Compact Roller

Technical Parameters of 6-10 Ton Mechanical Compact Roller:
Specifications R6C RC10J Specifications RD6C RDC10J
Operation weight (T) 6 Ton 10 Ton Operation weight (T) 6.2 Ton 10 Ton
Diameter of vibrating drum (mm) 1100 1200 Diameter of vibrating drum (mm) 1100 1200
Rolling width (mm) 1500 1700 Rolling width (mm) 1500 1700
Centrifugal force (KN) 67.3 98 Centrifugal moment (kN.m) 21.1 35.7
Theoretical amplitude of vibration (mm) 0.72 0.45/0.7 Oscillation amplitude (mm) 0.6 0.82
Vibration frequency(Hz) 40 42 Oscillation frequency (Hz) 40 42
Moving speed range I II III IV (KM/h) I 2.7, II 6, III 13.2, IV20 I 2.4, II 4.8, III 8.4, IV/ Gradeability 30% Engine model: Cummins 4BT3.9-C100
Diesel engine model Rated power (KW)/ Rated Speed 495AY 35.3/2000 Static linear pressure(vibratory wheel)N/cm:259 Overall dimensions L×W×H (mm) 4210×1630×2660 4880×1980×2800
Patterned Tire 11.00-20 Static linear pressure (Driving wheel) N/cm: 317 Smooth Tire 11.00-20 Rated power (KW)/Rated Speed: 75

World Equipment is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mechanical compact roller in China. We offer 6 ton mechanical vibratory roller and 10 ton mechanical vibratory roller for your choice. Our products have been well received by clients from Europe, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, and more. Over the past 10 years, we have kept improving our products to make them better adapt to the market. If you need mechanical compact roller, we will provide a competitive price for you. Don't hesitate, please contact us.

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