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16M Motor Grader

05 30 2012 9:58AM

The 16M motor grader is an update product of traditional motor grader. It has better performance in operational efficiency, visibility, service ease and overall productivity. According to  the new standard and the legacy of high quality this kind of machine can service your operation work with high efficiency.The 16M motor grader combines power management, which can deliver maximum power and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact. The 16M motor grader features in excellent visibility to the work area. It is possible to see with angled cab doors, a tapered engine enclosure and a patented sloped rear window.
The 16M motor grader has  an advanced  electro-hydraulic system. The revolutionary changes of the machine and implement controls depends on the electro-hydraulic system. Advanced joystick controls provide unmatched controllability with precise, predictable hydraulic movements and the reliability you expect from Caterpillar.


1.16 Foot Mold Board

2. Accumulators

3. Cab With A/C

4. Joystick Controls

5. 23.25R25 Rubber

6. Auto Lube

7. Quick Fuel

8. Emergency Steer

9. Rear View Camera

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