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Heavy Equipment

May 28 2012 7:16PM

 Here heavy equipment often refer to various types of heavy equipment vehicles in highway construction site near the parking.

Those equipments, heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed to perform construction tasks, the most common involving earthwork operations. They are also known as construction equipment, construction machine, excavators, truck, or a related machine and device. They often include the implementation of the five equipment systems, traction, structure, power train, control and information.

Heavy equipment functions through a simple machine; the application of the ratio between the input force and the force imposed by the mechanical advantage is doubled and redoubled.

Most of those equipments use hydraulic system as the main source of transmission.

About World

Our heavy equipment are manufactured to the highest standards of technology, quality and reliability, and priced extremely competitively. It is little wonder that our brand has been extremely well received globally. Our excavator (digger), wheel Loader, crawler bulldozer, road roller, motor grader, skid steer loader have been exported to European, South-America, Middle-east, South-east and Africa.

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