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Mining Motor Graders

05 30 2012 9:10AM

The mining motor grader is the necessary construction machinery for defense construction, mine construction, urban construction. With a strong focus on operating costs, as well as operator efficiency and safety, M Series mining motor graders are specifically designed to deliver the highest level of value for mining customers. This kind of machine have a reliable performance and steady big power output in various working conditions. Special front and rear axles for mining motor graders are adopted to sure the reliable power supply of engine and its safety. The grader’s new and unique shape, and streamlined engine hood make maintenance easier and heat radiate faster. The mining  motor grader in our company represents a revolution in operational efficiency, visibility, service ease and overall productivity. We have set the new standard and built on the legacy of high quality. You can trust.

1.operating weight 15.6T
2.132kw shangchai, Cummins engine(optional)
3.blade 3965mm
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